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Here's our Align-Rite CNC. It's probably the best there is on the market in this price range. The next step up would be a Techo-Isel for around 25k+. If you want info about this unit, call Matt at Align-Rite; tell him we sent you. He'll take good care of you.

We're running Mastercam software which is the most powerful design software available on the market today.

We use this CNC to make component parts and taper shafts from time to time. Take a look at the keyboard as we don't have to worry about dust since it is all enclosed. Great gizmo and available at CompUSA.

The inset photo shows a picture of Kevin, the latest addition to the Cue Components family. Kevin is responsible for the design and creation of butt sleeves and forearms which are sold through our web site. He's proficient in the use of Mastercam as his father is an authorized Mastercam distributor.

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