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Genuine Moori Cue Tips at the best prices and they are made in Japan; available in soft, medium and hard.

Why not try an alternative to Moori Cue Tips...
You can order Morakami Brown Soft, Medium or Hard tips which are just like the old Moori. We kid you not! Try a Morakami Brown Cue Tip today! In fact, try some and you'll be surprised at how well they play. Moori now has a true competitor!

These are the Moori IV's (which are 8 layers) from Japan which are available in soft and medium. They are priced low. We have the best price you'll find. They are all 14mm. You know the quality. For Moori Cue Tips, our prices are probably the lowest around. If not, let us know. Moori cue tips consistently receive the highest reviews.

NOTICE: The new Moori IV's are 8 layers and anything else would be considered fake or counterfeit. Be suspicious of anyone selling Moori III's or anything but 8 layers Moori IV tips especially on internet auction sites such as eBay. Genuine Moori IV's are 8 layers; period. The Moori III's were 9 layers. This is fact! There are Bozo's out there try to pass fake Moori III's as the new Moori IV's. Be careful as one firm is quite large and passing misinformation because they are clueless.

Read the true story about GENUINE Moori tips and how some competitors are lower than whale crap at the bottom of the ocean.

Our prices are the lowest around in the USA. If you want to compare our prices to other overseas internet pricing please also bear in mind that when you order from CueComponents, you have peace of mind. If you order from overseas for less please bear in mind when it doesn't arrive, or arrives missing 1 or 12 tips, or you need to complain, or it doesn't arrive, or arrives damaged, good luck filling out and collecting from a damage or lost claim report - let us know how all that goes. And good luck trying to call them.

For an exceptional alternative to Moori Tips, you have to try Morakami Brown Layered tips from Japan. These are in fact, the very best alternative to Moori that are available. We have limited supplies in Soft, Medium and Quick (hard). They are priced slightly less than Moori and play as well where you'll be pleasantly surprised. They in fact play like the old Moori!

For the ultimate combination
try these tips with
Morakami Performance Chalk.

If you require the finest glue to ensure a permanent bond that won't pop off then we highly recommend our Cyanoacrylate for tips. It works!

Moori 14mm Cue Tips are priced as Follows:
Per 1 -11 @ $10.95 each
Per 12 and up @ $10.00 each
Per 60 and up @ $9.00 each

Mix and match for your lowest price!!

Soft and Medium are available.

For the ultimate combination
try these tips with
Morakami Performance Chalk.

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Moori Cue Tips
mooriRegular Price: $25.00Sale: $10.95, 12/$120.00, 60/$540.00

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