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Pink Ivory is a very rare wood from Africa. And no, it is not from the tusk of a pink elephant. It ranges in colour from a light pastel pink to deep watermelon red. It was once considered "rarer than diamonds" and quite frankly, we believe it is. Pink Ivory is called the 'royal wood of the Zulu's' because of its importance in local customs. Harvesting was once allowed by only the chief of the tribe. Over the last few years, although scarce, supplies have loosened some and availability is greater now than ever in the past. This will not last forever as we have confirmation that even small trees are being harvested leaving little behind for the future use. Years ago, it was not unusual to obtain a feld tree with a diameter of 3 or 4 feet. Today the diameter size has dwindled to 12". You can do the math from here.

Pink Ivory is very dense, heavy and stable. It is great for cues, knife handles, inlays and other turnery projects. It takes an incredible polish. Although our price is strong, these are all magnificantly beautiful, rich and flawless pieces. Most other offerings of Pink Ivory have flaws, checks, sap or other such faults. You will not find better sticks than these.

Each stick is 1.5" X 1.5" X 18" and is clean, satiny, flawless and consistent colour all around. These are exceptional.

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Pink Ivory #2
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