Click to enlargeTulipwood/Ebony<BR>Full Splice NEW 2015

NEW for 2015! You won't find this one anywhere but at Cue Components. Here we are offering our latest creation of Tulipwood/Ebony in a full splice cue blank. They are made with highly figured Tulipwood and genuine, flawless and jet black Gabon Ebony. Once finished these glow from across the room. Try one and you'll be back for more! These are outrageous!

This is a Limited Edition and these may be withdrawn without notice.

Add a Quality Shaft and you'll be all dialed in for a fantastic playing cue both in looks and performance!

NOTICE: These are available for immediate delivery. This will be our last production of these as the price of ebony and tulipwood is prohibitive. Get them while they are available.

Why are these so expensive? Have you seen the price of Tulipwood lately especially in longer lengths that are required to craft these blanks? Have you seen the price of Ebony lately especially in longer lengths that is needed to craft these blanks? Well, reality is that we doubt you'd be able to find the wood to make these for less. Good luck.


Full Splice NEW 2015

tul/ebspliceRegular Price: $275.00Sale: $179.95

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