Click to enlarge1" X 30" Dowels<BR>AAA Superb<BR>Sno-Whites<br>Per 10

These are absolutely perfect sno-white and pristine shafts. If you require the new look shafts which are totally white, defect free and perfectly straight, then these are for you. Our other shafts are absolutely perfect in quality but are more of a traditional look type shaft. They are off white and the type cuemakers used years ago before the sno-white 'craze' took over.

These shafts have a tight concentration of growth rings which average about 12 or so rings per inch; some more and some less. These are absolutely incredible. Try a few and see for yourself. These can be easily placed on any super high end cue. You have to see them; they are beauties.

The pictures here do not really do these dowels any justice. They are hard straight grained Canadian and/or Upper Michigan maple which we have custom vacuum dried to our specifications. This process produces the sno-white appearance that everyone craves. Fewer than 10% of all kilns in America are Vacuum kilns.

We have sufficient quantities of these on hand.

These are dynamite 1" dowels x 30" in length.

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1" X 30" Dowels
AAA Superb
Per 10

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