Click to enlargeThe 3 Stooges Live On!?

We were honored with a visit from Moe, Larry and Curly. Not really but the antics and laughs sure reminded us of the beloved Stooges. Here we have John Showman on the left; center stage is Randy Mobley and on the far right is Chris Nitti of Nitti Cues.

Chris and Randy assisted John in picking up a batch of fine quality shaft and handle wood which they had no problem doing. They arrived and we all talked about various things, we showed them our shop and then went right over to the shaft wood. John picked up a shaft and started to bounce them. Joe immediately screamed out "NO WAY"! The trio all had a good laugh at Joe's expense mimicking the antics of Ariel Carmelli (see Carmelli story). All-in-all it was a fun day, full of a lot of laughs, trading war stories and just a great day here at Cue Components.

We haven't provided contact information above for Randy as he is setting up a new shop. Randy is not looking to take on any additional work at the moment until his shop is fully operational again. However, rest assured that we'll post contact info just as soon as Randy is ready. Nothing needs to be stated about John or Chris as they are both well known for quality and building fine cues.

Now it's pay back time. If you call John or Chris for a cue, please feel free to tell them that you will only purchase their cue if they let you bounce the shaft so that you can hear the tonal quality of the shaft wood. Or better yet, tell them you will only purchase a cue from them if the shaft has a tonal quality which sounds like a "C" sharp. :-)

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