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Please Note: This unit was custom built for us and is not available by any current manufacturer. If you see a similar machine, it's a much less expensive copy. It doesn't have the Techno-Isel table nor a precision ground 1" thick aluminum plate nor is it powered by four 1.25hp Columbo routers! You get what you pay for.

This is our Techno-Isel table outfitted for precision and speed. The 1" thick aluminum plate is precision ground and holds the drive ends and tail stocks on center. Powering the system are four, 1.25 hp Colombo routers (you read correctly, 1.25 hp each). This machine is capable of taking 1" shaft squares to round in one beautiful pass and four at the same time! It's like a snow blower when it's running.

The machine is capable of rough cutting shafts at the rate of about 80 shafts per hour. The final cut is smoooooth. The machine does butts equally as fast.

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