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Cue Components
1303 Old Mission Rd
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

Email us at:

Phone us at: 386-424-0300
Minimum phone order is $100
Minimum web site order is $35
(please read below)

Monday thru Friday (9am - 4pm EST)
Saturday & Sunday - Never

If no answer, please leave your name, number and a very brief message. We delete long and drawn out messages. The above photo depicts a typical days shipping at Cue Components.

We are Cue Components of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. We're a small family run business with a large inventory offering friendly and personal service. You're not a number but a name with us as we endeavor to service your cue building needs. Advice is only a phone call or email away.

We enjoy talking with many of you but we ask that you please
Read This Before You Call:

Some of this may sound ridiculous but it's not to us.

1) Gather your thoughts before you call so you know what you are going to say.
2) Lower the radio, stereo or whatever it is these days that produces loud musical sounds.
3) Finish the argument with your mom, parents, wife, inlaw, son or whomever it is that you have a disagreement with prior to calling.
4) Make certain you have a good cell connection. This is paramount! We don't want to play, "can you hear me now".
5) Don't call us from your car because you have nothing else to do or no one else to talk to.
6) Don't call when you've been drinking. We don't understand alco-phonics.
7) If you just burned a doobie, call us tomorrow as time is not in slow motion for us.
8) If you just hit the meth pipe, call tomorrow as we are not here today.
9) If you just downed some dilaudids, see #8.
10) If you are calling to ask if something is in stock, the answer is we stock everything we sell so there is no need to call.
11) If you cannot find it on our web site, 99.9% of the time we don't carry it and no we don't know where you can get it; try Google. We are not the information desk at the library.
12) If you cannot communicate your thoughts in a logical, orderly, conscious and semi-intelligent manner perhaps you would be better served by calling our competitors and be sure to tell them we referred you.
13) Please do not call us if you don't speak fairly good English. We do not speak German, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, any Eastern European language, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese or Alienese. We speak English, period. Please email us if your English is not very good. We find this to be best.
14) To our friends in California: contrary to popular belief (in California), the world does not revolve around California. To the contrary, it revolves around eastern times so please adjust the time of your calls to coincide with when we actually work. And no, we do not work at 10pm in the evening nor when you get home from the pool room at 5am. (you can't imagine!)
15) Try to use your God given brains for more than just a hat rack; have some respect and consideration for us when phoning.

If the above sounds ridiculous to you, then come spend a week answering our phones! You'll have a revelation and fully understand the term, the 'dumbing down of America'.

Our phone policy: Please do not call to pick our brains or to just shoot the breeze. Time is precious and we're very busy. You do not need to call us to place an order; you can do that more efficiently and quicker online. If you have a question about a product, feel free to call. We do not provide 'how-to instructions' or 'free lessons' on cue construction over the phone. If we know you and we've built up a friendship, we are more inclined to offer out our advice and knowledge. Unless you've purchased from us or have taken our courses, we do not offer any phone support to anyone we do not know. Do not waste our time or yours with trying to pick our brain (what little we have left). Please respect our wishes.

Basically.... tire kickers, brain pickers - go away. Sincere people are most welcomed. We are very nice people and will go out of our way to serve you. We do not want to deal with leeches who waste our time (you know who you are). When and if you make an investment in us we will make an investment in you. It's that's simple.

Solicitations: If you are selling advertising, long distance service, magazines, accounting or legal services, web development, financial planners, investment counsel or anything else that requires us to part with our hard earned money.... We already have an extensive advertising program and our budget for this year is already fullfilled; please try us next year. We already have the least expensive long distance phone service and yes, we're very happy with it. We subscribe to many magazines and do not need any more to only throw away. We are our own accounting and legal firm since we have vast experience in both fields as well as family attorneys. We do not require web development as we do it all ourselves and we can teach you a few things. And, if you offer financial planning/investment counseling - we are fully capable of losing our own money without your assistance, thank you very much. Anyone else, kindly remove our phone number from your list. Basically... go fly a kite.

There have been some who fault us for our no games policy but they are not businessmen so they don't have a clue. A business can be successful by doing business and not by being the information desk at the local public library. Most businesses are for profit and are not non-profit endeavors. The limited time that owners have, should be spent and focused into positive directions with those customers who deserve the time and not with tire kickers. We have run our business in this manner for as long as we've been doing business in the few ventures we've been involved in since the mid 1970's. It works for us and our friends and clients. You're welcome to join our happy little family of satisfied clients. If you want to kick tires, the used car lot is across the street. :-)

Plain, straight talk...

Cue Components is a family business of real people; no phonies here. All of us work, eat and sometimes hang together. Everyone is either family or close friends. We really care.

We service custom cue builders. We are leading manufacturers for precision parts for billiard cues, We stock every item we sell. We manufacture every component we sell. We sell only items we use ourselves. Our shaft wood and exotic wood inventory is the finest available with hundreds and if not thousands of sticks of each species in stock for immediate delivery. We always have a minimum of 7,500+ (and sometimes well over 10,000) high-end shafts available on any given day. We have long (some over 20 years) and strong relations with leading mills throughout the USA, and overseas for the various maple and exotic species which we handle. All our wood is kiln dried to approximately 8% or less. All component parts are always dipped in Shaft Dip for preservation and stabilization.

All our products are guaranteed and delivery is prompt or as prompt as is humanly possible. We can usually ship within 3 days of receiving your order; sometimes faster and sometimes a little slower. We do the best that we can.

Our staff all work hard to make a quality product always under watchful supervision. Nothing is ever sent out that we would not be willing to use ourselves.

Occasionally we screw-up. We'll go out of our way to make it right and if it was our fault, we'll even reimburse you for return shipping. If we feel that any returned item was unwarranted, we will promptly issue a refund in full. We deal with problems promptly. We strive for 100% Satisfaction. We don't waste time.

Our shop is equipped with all modern machinery of the highest caliber to insure precision and consistency. We are proud of the products we manufacture and sell. You will be too.

Thank you as we are here to serve you. Please feel free to email us with any queries.

Your Friends,

Joe & Company

If you are ever in town and would like to meet our Motley Crew, feel free to give us a call with as many days notice as possible. And.... if you want to play a 'friendly' game of 9-ball, one of us can surely oblige you. :-)

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