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Here we offer all the special adhesives which we use exclusively. We do not stock any product that we do not use ourselves.

Yes, you can probably purchase these adhesives locally but our prices are lower! Load up with these super savers when you order other stuff and take advantage of the savings as the shipping is nominal when combined with your regular order.

Please Note: All our Cyanoacrylates are offered in 2 oz bottles (except Tough Tip). When comparing price, be sure you are comparing 2 oz bottles.

Our Cyano prices can't be beat! & our products are FRESH, FRESH, FRESH as it doesn't sit in a warehouse and store shelves for months and months.

Tough Tipô  <br>Cyanoacrylate

Regular Price: $11.95
Sale: $7.99, 10/$69.99, 100/$599.00
Tough Tipô

Regular Price: $24.99
Sale: $11.99, 3/$29.99
SUPER GOLD<br>Odorless Cyanoacrylate
Insta-Set Accelerator
Odorless Cyanoacrylate

Regular Price: $34.95
Sale: $24.99
Insta-Set Accelerator

Regular Price: $8.50
Sale: $6.49

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