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Aegis II Solid Ferrule Rod

Aegis II is a Linen Melamine based thermoset ferrule material. It is rolled and molded for high strength. It bonds well with Epoxy, Cyanoacrylate, and wood glues. Machines well, and the color varies from soft white to Ivory colored.

Thermoset materials were originally developed as strong, inexpensive alternatives to metals for industrial applications (i.e. washers, insulators, bushings). For these types of industrial applications characteristics such as color and cleanliness are less critical. Therefore, the manufacturing process for thermosets does not adjust easily to control such factors. We have made enormous efforts to control these characteristics when manufacturing thermoset materials for the billiard industry, however, despite our best efforts you may discover some inconsistencies. Such inconsistencies are unavoidable and should be considered part of the cost of working with these materials.

Each ferrule is SOLID and approximately .562 in diameter and 1.100" in length.

Pricing as follows:
Per 1 @ $3.50 each
Per 10 @ $3.35 each ($33.50/10)
Per 20 @ $3.15 each ($63.00)

Note: This product is sold by the Skokie clowns as Aegis which is the same as Ivorite™ which is Melamine. The difference, you get to pay more for the name Aegis from the Bozo's.

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Regular Price: $3.75
1 - 9
10 - 19
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