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Amboyna Burl Cored Forearms (1st Quality)

This is a bargain and strictly limited! Jump all over these as they are exceptional and Amboyna is not all that available anymore. These are truly rare and special pieces!

The price is cheap so don't miss out! You will not find these anywhere else.

These are highly figured & getting scarcer by the day. Very limited supplies remaining.

These are strictly for the advanced cue builder or anyone wishing to elevate their cue building. These fronts produce incredible hitting cues.These are strictly limited and may be withdrawn without notice.

Until now, no one to our knowledge has built a complete front with beautiful Amboyna Burl. The reason being, Amboyna is very light and brittle to use alone. However, with modern coring this is now possible and we are proud to be able to offer it out to our friends and customers.

These are made from beautiful Amboyna Burl. Then, we bore out a perfect .750 diameter hole through the entire 13" piece. We then cut our maple coring dowels down to .750 X 15" and slide the maple core inside the bored front for a nice tight fit. Once this is achieved, we then glue the two together. When the glue is dried, we put a taper on the front of approximately .925/1.150". Each end has a 60 degree center and all pieces are treated with Shaft Dipô. These are incredibly stable and ready for almost immediate use. We recommend letting them sit in your shop for a couple of weeks prior to taking a pass.

Matching Amboyna Butt Sleeve (Square) If you are purchasing a cored Amboyna front, you can purchase a matching butt sleeve. This piece is 1.5" X 1.5" X 5". You can turn it round and core it yourself or slide it over the butt tenon.

Amboyna Burl Cored Forearms (1st Quality)

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