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Balabushka Chalk - We're blowing it out as we don't deal with MAP (minimum advertised pricing) products. MAP is used by greedy manufacturers to protect the pricing structure of their product as well as their small dealers. MAP screws the consumer into paying inflated retail prices.

We are blowing these out at near cost so you won't find it for less from anyone.

We're blowing it out!
3 chalks are only $8.95!

Be sure to check out the replacement for this heavily price controlled product with a free market item -
Morakami Performance Chalk

Performance Chalk

bushkachalkRegular Price: $12.00Sale: $9.95

We are discontinuing our affiliation with Balabushka Chalk because the manufacturer believes we live in a socialist country where the manufacturer can impose his price restraints on resellers in a free market. I don't think so therefore they can take their price controls and products and put them where the sun doesn't shine. Take advantage of this Blow-Out pricing!

And to Robert (owner of Balabushka Chalk - how do you like these apples (putz)!

As a result of this pinhead trying to impose price controls (MAP) on us, he forced us to import Morakami™ Chalk whereby getting rid of the middleman and offer you, our friends and clients lower pricing for a better product.

BUY Morakami™ Chalk - Performance Chalk & Lower Pricing because we're not greedy nor trying to control the marketplace.

Balabushka Chalk is MAP controlled by the manufacturer... We DO NOT participate in any MAP schemes set-up by manufacturers.

Take a stand and say NO to MAP controls. MAP is 'Minimum Advertised Pricing' where manufacturers illegally set retail price controls or price fixing on their resellers. What does this do? It artificially sets higher than normal retail pricing which screws the consumer into paying higher prices. It does away with a free market because retailers cannot advertise their prices at anything other than MAP. It's unAmerican! Ever notice how all retailers are advertising/selling the same product for exactly the same price? It's not normal, it's not free competition, it's not a free market. That's what MAP does.

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