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This is a Bison, 6", 6 jaw self centering chuck. It has a thru hole size of 1.5400". We just purchased this one less than 6 months (yes, months) and it was for our new lathe. We decided to add a Pratt collet chuck and so this one is available. It's in excellent shape, like new and comes with the D1-4 cam-lock mounting plate. The chuck key is also included.

Once again, this Bison chuck is from one of our lathes. We replaced this chuck with a Pratt Burnerd collet chuck and as such we're selling this one at a bargain price.

You can look this item up at MSC as part number 08610008. The chuck sells for $700 and the mounting plate is like $125. Our price is quite reasonable.

Bison Chuck #2

Bison2Regular Price: $825.00Sale: $399.95

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