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NEW NEW NEW<BR>Infinity Jet Black Phenolic®

Cue Components, Infinity Jet Black Phenolic® is far better than Double Black Phenolic offered by the clowns up in Skokie., Plus we're a lot less money per foot for a far superior product!

Cue Components, Infinity Jet Black Phenolic® was developed specifically for custom cue makers. This rod is manufactured using the finest materials and a proprietary pigmented-resin system so that you don't get the linen look under magnification similar to the inferior stuff sold by other sources in Skokie. The material is strong, easy to machine, and jet black in color after applying a clear coat.


Priced as follows:
1" X .625id only $16.95 per foot
1.125" X .625id only $25.95 per foot
1.375" X .750id only $34.95 per foot

Infinity Jet Black Phenolic®

InfBlkRegular Price: $30.00Sale: $16.95

1 inch w/.625 hole
1.125 inch w/.625 hole (+9)
1.375 inch w/ .750 hole (+18)

A Phenolic Story
I am writing this to show what we have to deal with in this industry to bring you the products that we do. For years we all bought the double black phenolic that Atlas sells, all from the same source. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Atlas bought the stuff from another supplier. Anyway, like I said we all bought it from the same source.

Then one day we went to order it and our rep said they can no longer sell it to us. I said WHAT! He said they are no longer manufacturing it. Well that was BS as he first said they can no longer sell it to us. Being the big mouth, persistent, pain-in-the-ass SOB that I am, I wouldn’t take that answer. So, I asked to speak with the boss. Well, some CEO, CFO or some corporate big wig who had authority to talk to a disgruntled and smart client called me to discuss this situation.

Here’s the conversation. He tried to BS his way around the story but I held him to my standard and asked for the truth and that I was not an idiot. Here’s the story. They produce double black for Atlas. They were selling it to everyone else. Atlas must have called them and used their money muscle to tell the supplier that Atlas does millions of dollars in business with them and that they should not be selling the material to anyone else, especially us (because we’re so vocal about ATLAS and because they’re a bunch of crooks, criminals and just plain clueless. Let’s not forget these are the jokers who got fined $150K for selling ivory internationally plus a host of other escapades like manufacturing fake Moori tips).

Anyway, we said that wasn’t fair. He said well, that material is for their use. I said what would it cost for us to do it as well. He thought for a few moments and threw out the number ten grand (and rightfully thinking that no supplier (in this lowlife, brokester pool playing business) could come up with $10k). I knew he was full of crap so I called him on it. I said fine, let’s do it as I have the ability to front a $10k purchase. He said, ok let me get the mechanics to this and an exact number and he’ll call me back.

It’s been a year and after repeated calls to them, I’m still waiting for that return call.

So, we went out and contracted with another supplier to manufacture our new Infinity Jet Black Phenolic®.

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