Click to enlargeBlack Diamond<br>11 layered<br>Water Buffalo<br>Cue Tips

These are the Morakami Black Diamond 8 layer Water Buffalo Cue Tips. They are 8 layers of high grade leather, 14mm and pre-domed.

They transfer more spin and control over other similar tips and really hold chalk well.

Priced as Follows:
Per 1 @ $2.50
Per 10 @ $2.00 Each
Per 25 @ $1.50 each
Per 100 @ $1.25 each

If you require the finest glue to ensure a permanent bond that won't pop off then we highly recommend our Cyanoacrylate for tips. It works!

For the ultimate combination
try these tips with
Morakami Performance Chalk.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Black Diamond
11 layered
Water Buffalo
Cue Tips

MBDLTRegular Price: $8.00Sale: $2.50, 10/$20.00, 25/$37.50, 100/$125.00

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