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The black chalk holder is a nice item. This is a handy and easy to use way of having chalk always accessible. It protects the chalk in case it's dropped and it feels good in your hand. When you're finished playing just turn the chalk around in the holder and it will keep the dust off your cue case and/or clothes.

Our Morakami chalk will make a great companion for these chalk holders. Just add $1.00 per chalk holder; that's a bargain!

Priced as follows:
Per 1 @ $2.25 each without chalk
Per 5 @ $1.95 each without chalk
Per 10 @ $1.75 each without chalk
Per 20 @ $1.50 each without chalk
Per 50 @ $1.25 each without chalk
Per 100 @ $1.00 each without chalk

Add $1.75 for each Morakami chalk.

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Black Vinyl
Chalk Holder

BVCHRegular Price: $4.00Sale: $2.25


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