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Cored Brazilian Rosewood (First Quality)

As many of you know, we were the leading importer of Brazilian Rosewood about 20 years ago. That source has since dried up. We bought thousands and thousands of turning squares and blew most of them out. We don't discount it anymore but we just recently found some boxes with hundreds and hundreds of fronts which were turned round about 15 years ago. We just cored them out (about 3 years ago) and are now offering this great find to our friends. These are running out!

Don't miss this bargain! These are quality Brazilian Rosewood cored fronts.

Each forearm has been cored with a .750 hard maple dowel for stability. The core runs about 15". The Brazilian Rosewood outer skin runs about 12.75". The taper dimensions are approximately 1.10"/1.30". These are all sound forearms.

That's $199.99 for 6!

Check out what just the wood cost is (if you can find any) and then order as many as you like. Super savings!

The bottom-line thought...
You will never, ever get these this cheap again! Buy them while you can.

Cored Brazilian Rosewood (First Quality)

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