Click to enlargeCored & Not Cored Crap<br><font color=red>SOLD OUT</font color>

What is this crap? It's just that - CRAP!

What do we mean? Well, these are seconds which can be checking, low figure, off color or any combination of the above.

Here's the deal! They are priced at $20 each if you buy 5. How can you go wrong?!

We have amboyna, ebony, Birdseye, Curly, Bubinga, Snakewood, etc, etc, etc -- who knows what you'll get. This comes from a box of crap that are ok but we can't sell them as first quality. I'll pick and send you some crap. If the crap is bad, I'll throw in another crappy forearm to make up for all the crap. So you may get 6 pieces of crap.

What have you got to lose????

It's a stinkin "C" note for 5 or 6 (depending on how much crap I want to send you). You can't buy crappy wood for this price and make them yourself!

Each forearm has been cored with a .750 hard maple or purpleheart dowel for stability. The core runs about 15". The outer skin runs about 12.75". The taper dimensions are 1.10"/1.30". These are all sound forearms.

That's $59.95 for 5!


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