Click to enlargeCrystal Shaft Cleaner 4 oz.

Tiger's own Crystal shaft cleaner is a good shaft cleaner but not the best you can find. Just apply the Crystal Shaft Cleaner to a clean piece of cloth or Scotch Brite (3M). Hold the damp cloth or the Scotch Brite (3M) firmly to a turning shaft (lathe), moving gradually from one end to the other. Crystal Shaft Cleaner gets into pores of the shaft and gets the dirt out. Repeat as many times as needed. You'll definitely need to rub and apply more than once. Fine sand (if needed) then finish with shaft sealer.

This Tiger Map Crap prouct is discontinued. Why buy a Tiger Products Map Crap product to pay and support inflated MAP policies that are set by the manufacturer to screw you, the consumer! Buy a free market Shaft Cleaner who supports you with free market pricing.

Crystal Shaft Cleaner 4 oz.
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