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We have discontinued selling and promoting Elforyn Ivory substitute.

The products were touted as being an ivory substitute and being difficult to distinguish from genuine Elephant Ivory. Supposedly it mimmicks the characteristics of genuine ivory including color and grain pattern. It is supposedly flourescent under UV lighting like genuine ivory. Take a look at your left and you be the judge.

After several months of handling the product and receiving several customer complaints about inconsistency and a blotchy product, we decided to do some testing. After testing we have concluded and are of the opinion that the product is inconsistent in color and grain pattern. Considering the cost, one would think better quality standards would be used. Some come through blotchy and others without grain; it's all over the place. There seems to be no way of controlling the manufacture of a consistent product. The worst thing is that it does not mimmick in any way what genuine ivory looks like under UV. See for yourself. Out of curosity, we put three butt sections of Elforyn next to one genuine rod of Elephant Ivory (that's the shorter first piece) and you can see for yourself that this product looks nothing like genuine ivory what-so-ever. What's in this stuff; is it radioactive?

Bottom-line - it is our opinion that this is an inconsistent product with very poor quality control that should be used with caution in fine billiard instruments. Long term consequences (if any) are unknown.

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