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Our finishing epoxy comes in two 13oz bottles and should be applied to the cues sanded surface. We recommend putting on several coats by hand (using a glove). Allow to dry and then repeat until you have the desired thickness. The cue should be rotated to help allow leveling. If you apply additional coats after, let's say 12 hours, we recommend sanding smooth to remove all shiny areas which will allow the epoxy to adhere to the undercoat. However, if you apply all coats within a 1-5 hour period, then it is not necessary to sand. Each coat should be allowed to dry from 30 to 45 minutes (this depends on your temperature and humidity) before applying additional coats. And, do not apply unless the temperature in your work place is at least 75 degrees. If you do not allow the epoxy to dry, adding subsequent coatings will only make your job more difficult to sand and finish. Each coat must be perfectly dry before putting on additional coatings.

Once you have the desired thickness of Cue Components finishing epoxy, sand smooth and apply several coats (5-10 or so) of thin Cyanoacrylate. You can put coat after coat of Cyano only allowing to dry for a few minutes between coats. Allow the final Cyano coat to dry overnight and wet sand smooth with 400 to 2000. For a deeper shine reapply another 5-10 coats of thin Cyano. You can also use odorless Cyano and System V polishing compounds for a mirror like finish. You can achieve an automotive clear coat appearing finish using the above procedure and then finish it off with Final Step for a shine so bright, you'll need sun glasses!

To learn more about application, sanding techniques and other hints to building a beautiful finish, please see our Cue Finishing Online Tutorial.

Special Note: Our Finish Epoxy will not yellow. As most all epoxies yellow, ours won't. We've tested Devcon, West, G5 and Cue Components Finishing Epoxy and the results are obvious.

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Cue Components Finishing Epoxy
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