Click to enlargeCue Finish<BR>With Cyanoacrylate

Here is one method of finishing cues. Cyanoacrylate can be used to finish a cue to a high gloss. You simply apply numerous coats of the thin Cyano . First you fold a paper towel and pour some Cyano onto the towel. Then, with the lathe turning you wipe the Cyano up and down the butt or shaft section. Do this step numerous times until the desired finish is achieved; usually 10 -20 coats. Let dry between several coats and reapply. You then let dry and wet sand with 400 to 2000 grit. And lastly, for a super mirror like finish, Micro-Mesh sanding sheets can be used to remove any hairlines and buff it out to an incredible gloss finish.

You can use the regular thin Cyanoacrylate or we prefer to recommend the Odorless Cyanoacrylate for finishing cues. For doing small joining work with Cyanoacrylates, the regular is fine. But when doing large surfaces or working with it for prolonged periods of time such as finishing a cue, we recommend the odorless. If you choose to use the regular Cyanoacrylate, please use in a well ventilated area and be sure to wear an approved mask and goggles. The fumes are hazardous and an irritant. The odorless is the way to go for finishing but still wear protective gear.

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