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Be sure your applicator is clean!!

You can wipe on or spray on both the sealer and gloss coats. Spraying is always better. Be sure your spray gun is clean and free of debris and previous contaminants. The wood must be clean; wipe down the cue/wood with denatured alcohol and then apply one coat of sealer. It only takes a few seconds for the sealer to dry. Keep putting on coats until you have about 6-10 coats. Let it dry overnight and then sand all the shiny areas off until smooth. You may now apply the gloss coat in the same manner, however it takes longer for the gloss to dry between coats depending on humidity and your area. Put about 4-6 coats of gloss in one period. Once the gloss has dried for 1-2 days, lightly sand to a smooth finish; buff and wax as usual. Of course, the number of coats is up to you and your desired finish.

When applying the sealer or gloss -- If you let either dry overnight, you must sand before applying additional coats of the same. If you apply either in one period (same day within a few hours) then you do not need to sand.

If you need to thin either out please use distilled water to only the amount you are going to be using. Do not thin out the entire mixture as bacteria may build up.

Additionally, do not use the sealer directly over metal rings which are larger than .015. If the cue contains metal rings, first place a coat of cyanoacrylate over the rings and then use the seal coat.

More information about using a water borne solution is available by going to our Cue Components Cue Finish section.

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