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We thought we'd have some fun with this.

If you've seen these Trunk Shafts online, they are nothing special. They're actually a Canadian suppliers $6 shaft dowels that anyone can purchase at $6 per 100 from the supplier. That's a fact that you can take to the bank. We'll match that price and supply the same quality for $6 each plus shipping so why pay more!

We have put together what we term 'trunk shafts'. We noticed that there are a great many of you who like to buy shafts from dubious sources or out of the back of a truck or trunk. Well, we are now offering 'Trunk Shafts' for those of you who like a bargain and like shopping on the internet for the so-called bargain.

These are vacuum dried, straight grained, as they run directly off the pallet and as they come from the supplier. What we do is we pull them as-is directly off the pallet without any sorting and then dowel them. After doweling them, we put them in the trunk of a car or truck for a minute, then return them inside to our shop. Now, they're qualified as 'trunk shafts'.

So, how much are the trunk shafts? Well, they run from "AAA" grade all the way to "A" grade and everything in between. We'll sell them for $6 each and doweled! We've seen similar shafts selling for as much as $10 or more for these same $6 shafts! If you want a consistent high grade $10-$12 shaft then buy them as these won't qualify because they are being sold, 'as they run'.

Now for the truth. You can purchase shafts “as they run” but you’re hurting yourself because you’re getting a mix of qualities from AAA to A grade. Yes, an “A” grade shaft is respectable but why pay a higher price for it when you can get that quality for say $4 or $5? Yes, you’ll get “AAA” grade but these will be few and far between especially if only purchasing 10. Buying shafts as they run is great when you are purchasing pallets at pallet pricing not at $6 or $8 or even $10 per shaft. People offer them this way because they don’t have the market for the lower grade shafts and they don’t have the market for the $10 to $20 shafts. The truth really is, they just don't know how to grade them. The only way they can market shafts is ‘as they run’. When you purchase from us or any legitimate shaft wood dealer who has a clientele, they can sort and sell the various grades as they have homes for all qualities of shaft wood. Buy what you need when you need it and not a mixed bag of tricks which almost always proves to be more costly in the long run. Trunk shafts anyone?

All kidding around aside, if you need great shafts just Click Here.

And if any of you want a 'Trunk Shaft', here they are per 10:

Trunk Shafts

TrunkShaftsRegular Price: $12.50Sale: $60.00

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