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Here is a like new but used Deluxe Cue Smith Lathe. According to the previous owner's son, the lathe was purchased new in 2004 and has been sitting due to the death of the father who used the lathe. It's in excellent condition.

Free Image Hosting at Here's a long shot of the Deluxe Cue Smith and as you can see it was well kept.

Free Image Hosting at It comes with the small and large steady rests.

Free Image Hosting at We're selling it with these 12 sticks of exotic woods which are curly and birdseye maple, ziricote, redheart and I forget the others and don't ask as I'm not pulling this stuff out again. Figure it for whatever you want. We think this wood is easily worth - $50. It's worth more but follow along.

Free Image Hosting at It also comes with all this shaft wood. 20 dowels ($100); 10 laminated shaft cones ($100); 2 purpleheart shaft cones ($15); 1 - 30" rosewood butt section ($10) and 14 tapered shafts ($140). This section alone is probably worth at least $365. Do the math; just add our figures up and we're sure you'll agree that this picture is worth at least $365.

Free Image Hosting at And finally, this Deluxe Cue Smith also comes with everything you see here: router, power feed, a lot of different taps, two tenon threaders, collets, three maintenance pins, various tooling, 'live' center, drive dead center, concave 'live' center, dial indicator, center punch, foot control, cue sealer and buff, elastic tubing, a lot of black and white delrin, various sprays and a pair of calipers. Most of this stuff comes in the package from Hightower but the extras are easily worth $100.

DO NOT call us and ask if the maintenance pins are this size or that size. DO NOT call and ask if the third stick from the left is Cocobolo. This Deluxe Cue Smith and all its equipment are fully operational and work well. The machine is very tight. This lathe new is $2800 and includes everything in Hightower's $2800 Deluxe Cue Smith kit. You also get all the wood and other stuff you see above. You can figure this anyway you want but the price is $2250 plus shipping. The first picture is $2250 and everything else is free. You can figue that the 4th picture is $2250 and everything else is free. I don't care how you figure it - this is a deal! If you're interested feel free to call Joe at 386-424-0300 anytime (up till midnight). If this item does not sell off this web site we will put it on eBay. If you are paying by credit card, all names and addresses must match and there will be a $100 fee (we're selling this deal cheap enough and we're not eating the bank card fees). You can remit by check or money order (preferred by us). We will accept paypal on this item plus the same $100 fee and to confirmed addresses only.

Don't wait as this is a real deal and a great starter package! So, if you agree that the woods and the various extra accessories are worth the number I outlined above or anything remotely close to my figures of $515, then you are paying $1735 for the Hightower lathe - a steal! The ball is in your court. Shipping will probably run under $200 for all this stuff. What a deal!

Hightower Deluxe Cue Smith lathe