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Before you start reading here, I would like you to please click on the two photo's above and study them; give them a careful review and just sit there and stare at them for a minute.

Those tips were returned to us from two different goofball's who said, our "tips suck, fell apart and were no good". The blame was all ours; "it was our fault for selling such crap". This is the nonsense that we have to put up with. It's never their fault and always our fault or the tips fault. It's very strange how 99.99% our our clients never have an issue.

These freaking clowns are gluing tips on and then trimming them, with what I presume is perhaps a chisel or knife to chop the tip down. The second picture, the moron is taking a 14mm tip and trying to cut it down to like 9.5mm. You don't buy 14mm tips to cut down to 9mm. You buy smaller diameter tips for that or you take your time cutting them down.

Look at those tips on the left! So now, he would have squared off areas that would need to be sanded and abusively sanded unmercifully! Can you imagine putting a tip through this brutal attack and expect the tip to withstand all that abuse!?

No honest person with just half a brain would expect these tips to withstand such an attack. However, occasionally we get these misfits who want to either install their own tips or install tips for others.

Please, if you are doing your own installations, buy the proper installation tools or for heavens sake, get a professional to do it. I mean, it's only $10 bucks or so to install a tip. If you can't afford that or are too cheap to spring for it, then please, PLEASE go elsewhere to buy your tips. We don't need your business and more importantly the abuse that comes from it after you hack the tip apart.

The crap we have to put up with from these jokers never ceases to amaze me. Fortunately, they are few and far between but yes, they are out there and walk among us.


Installation has a lot to do with how a tip will play. If you have Cheap Charlie install the tip in the back seat of his car with pliers and drill, most likely it will play as well as Charlie installed it. You get what you pay for.

Installation is paramount. A proper installation will not mushroom, will play consistent, will hold chalk and will last. All tips need to be cut down and some need to be cut back, some sanded and all burnished. If it's not done properly, you may not like a perfectly good tip that would otherwise play extremely well had it been properly installed.

Delamination or the layers falling apart is always due to inexperienced installation where the installer builds up excessive heat by sanding and or cutting the tip to shape it. Experience is key as is not building up heat. Take your time and don't sand it excessively. All tips need to be cut down and not sanded down.

Lastly, if the tip delaminates, pops off, explodes or balloons it's due to cockpit error. PERIOD. We've installed thousands of tips as have our clients and we sell tens of thousands of tips all without incident. All problems are 99.9999% of the time installation issues. Proper installation by a knowledgeable cue mechanic is always recommended and encouraged.

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