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As many of you are aware, we are liquidating our wood inventory as we are retiring and lightening up our work load. As things are sold-out, we will not be replacing them so order now and $ave. We will still be maintaining all other products and will still be doing business as usual. Thank you.

This section is for those of you who want custom made cored fronts. You get to choose the size core and flavor wood.

Shown here at your left is well over 1,000 fronts hanging in one area of our shop. Yes, there are other areas. :-)

Below are several different types of forearms and cored maple handles. In the near future, we will make other types available such as with veneers and points.

NOTE: You can certainly buy complete forearms for less than we sell them. However, the quality of our woods and our craftsmanship far exceeds that of other suppliers. When you order custom forearms from Cue Components, you will get perfection at its finest. Cores fit tightly, points line up and everything turns true to their center. If you are shopping price, please don't look further. We do not even remotely attempt to be competitive. We believe in fair pricing for the craftsmanship, woods, labor and pride in each piece we produce. Thank you.

Genuine Brazilian Rosewood<BR>Cored Fronts
Amboyna Burl<br>Cored Forearm
Ebony Cored Fronts
Genuine Brazilian Rosewood
Cored Fronts

Regular Price: $175.00
Sale: $149.95, 10/$1,399.95
Amboyna Burl
Cored Forearm

Regular Price: $300.00
Sale: $229.95
Ebony Cored Fronts

Regular Price: $125.00
Sale: $99.95
Nigerian Ebony<BR>Cored Fronts (Seconds)
Forearms & Matching Butt Sleeves
Custom Butt Sleeves
Nigerian Ebony
Cored Fronts (Seconds)

Regular Price: $75.00
Sale: $44.95
Forearms & Matching Butt Sleeves

Regular Price: $45.00
Sale: $39.95
Custom Butt Sleeves

Regular Price: $12.00
Sale: $9.95
Turned Ebony Fronts
Turned Ebony Fronts

Regular Price: $100.00
Sale: $69.95

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