Click to enlargeCutting The Tenon Off

Well, at this point we no longer need the tenon so... off it comes right down to the points. It is then carefully faced off several times to ensure a clean and smooth surface. Take notice how close to the chuck we perform our work. The closer you work the more accurate your work. This does not mean to work up against the chuck; leave yourself room for error. A lathe is a dangerous and unforgiving machine; always wear eye protection and keep your fingers clear of the chuck.

You'll also note how the glued up points form a perfect 'cross' and you can see how the points are perfectly matched to the 90 degree "V" groove. All this careful craftsmanship pays off in the finished product. Again, patience, patience, patience.

Note: If you have points, it is best to tap into the handle (forearm into handle).

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