Click to enlargeCutting Squares

Here are the slabs being cut into 1.5" squares. Each slab has to be mapped out and cut to achieve a maximum yield. It's real dirty work but we wouldn't trade it in for anything. We cut 6 logs worth of ebony this day. It was an all day affair; one our back is still reminding us of.

This picture was taken after approximately 2 logs worth of slabs were cut into squares. Notice all the scrap atop the table saw. Of course all that scrap is useful in various forms. Once all the major pieces are cut out into squares, we then go back and cut up all the scrap. It almost never ends. Ebony is nasty to cut especially when you're cutting this much.

And, once all this is done the squares then need to be planed. These pieces do not need sealing as they are quite dry. All this ebony is back-stock for future use. It's a nice diversion from the daily routines. We very much enjoy buying and cutting new purchases. :-)

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