Click to enlargeDisgustingly Ugly<br>Shaft Wood

We have some turning squares for sale. They are 1" x 1" x 30". Please NOTE that we didn't call them shafts but in actuality they do resemble shafts in size only. These are ugly, with guaranteed grain run-off. Yes, they're white and that's it. They are priced at $2.95 each. If you want some for practice, for cheap cues, for coring dowels, for whatever reason you may want these ugly things, feel free to order them.

They're really not as bad as we're making them sound but we don't want some of you thinking these will be straight grained beauties. At $2.95 each you can't possibly get hurt buying them.

Disgustingly Ugly
Shaft Wood

DisgustShaftsRegular Price: $5.00Sale: $2.95

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