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American Eagle Pool Cue Tips - Brown or Black are both engineered for performance.

Certainly, not all pool cue tips are manufactured to the exacting specifications as the American Eagle Cue Tip. This is why American Pool Players are constantly seeking out the newest, latest and greatest. Well, the American Eagle Pool Cue Tip will meet and exceed your expectations.

Unsolicited Testimonial
"Excellent tips and excellent price. Just won an ISPA tourney and never miscued"!
R.A., Denmark, Iowa

What sets the American Eagle Performance Cue Tip apart from every other tip? They're engineered to perform!

Why Brown or Black? Both tips are engineered to perform. Brown are the traditional tip which most choose today while the new Black skins have a moisture barrier. This barrier maintains a constant humidity level in the skin and prevents additional moisture from penetrating the tip. The choice is yours whether brown or black to achieve your maximum play.

We hand select the finest Leather and each skin is skived to exacting specifications for precise and even thickness. Each skin is precise and each layer which is laminated is precisely the same as all its counterparts. Every tip is consistent and the playability is exact from tip to tip. This painstaking process does not come cheaply as it's labor intensive but the end results are worth the process. Not only are the skins matched but each skin is treated with a proprietary process to insure stability and consistency from tip to tip. You will feel the difference in the 'hit'! American Eagle Performance Cue Tips resist miscues and mushrooming due to their superior lengthy construction and proprietary treatment process. American Eagle Performance Cue Tips offer you that solid and consistent feel which allows you to achieve maximum cue ball control with each and every shot.

Remember, you can soar with the eagles or you can play with the turkeys. Only with an American Eagle Performance Cue Tip will you be able to soar above your competition.

Question: Why are American Eagle Performance Cue Tips are so affordable? They don't cost $25, they can't be all that good!

Answer: American Eagle Performance Cue Tips are the finest layered tip on the market today and they don't have to cost $25 to be the best. Bottom-line and without getting into all the controversy about sponsoring, etc. American Eagle Performance Cue Tips do not now, nor will they ever seek any sponsors whereby saving you, the American consumer thousands in sponsorship fees and advertising. This saving is passed on to you in a much less hyped and much less costly tip that performs and exceeds any tip out there!

American Eagle Performance Cue Tips offer....

* They do not glaze over along the edges as other high dollar layered tips

* They maintain their shape (no mushrooming)

* Maximum cue ball control

* Incredible quality and playability.

* 9 layers of quality cut and consistent tanned pig skin

* 14mm in diameter

* These tips are taller allowing for finer installation

* Quality & consistent construction throughout each and every tip from tip to tip

* Brown or Black tip in color

* Available in Soft, Medium and Hard

* This is one of the best layered tips on the market today

* These tips will be more consistent and last longer than the average tips

* They cut and shape beautifully

* These tips have been called the Kamui Krushers

* Dollar for dollar this is the best tip on the market today and it can stand up to any $20-$30 tips out there.

GUARANTEE: This is a real simple guarantee. If you don't like it, return it for a full refund. (period!)

If you require the finest glue to ensure a permanent bond that won't pop off then we highly recommend our Cyanoacrylate for tips. It works!

Priced as follows:
Per 1 @ $9.95each
Per 12 @ $9.25 each
Per 24 @ $8.50 each

Mix and match for your lowest price!!

Soft, Medium and Hard in both Brown and Black are available.

How can we sell these tips so inexpensively? We are the manufacturer's and distributor's. There are no middlemen who have to make a profit therefore we can offer a great tip at a truly wholesale price without all the inflation due to advertising, distributors and sponsorships. Otherwise these tips would be $25!

For the ultimate combination
try these tips with
Morakami Performance Chalk.

American Eagle
Pool Cue Tips

Regular Price: $25.00
1 - 11
12 - 23
Sale Price

Medium Brown
Hard Brown
Medium Black
Hard Black

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