Click to enlargeEbony Huge Billets! 14"<br><font color=red>SOLD OUT</font color>

These are all 1.75" to 2.5" thick and all are 14" long. They are black and straight. This is all we have left and they will make great full spliced blanks.

Here's the deal. DO NOT ask for any specific thickness as we will just pull and ship. Whatever you get you will get. You are buying a minimum of 1.5" square so figure that's all you're going to get. If you are lucky and get the bigger ones, be thankful. No promises here and if you ask, I will just send you 1.5" sizes. Don't be an idiot. Just order them and you'll be happy with what we send. The more you buy the better the selection.

Also, this ebony is basically non-existent today so get them while we have them left.This stuff is BLACK!

BLK24Regular Price: $125.00Sale: $29.99

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