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Ivory bans are in effect but we're still buying and selling based on USA law from Florida residents only. The proposed bans have softened the market but feel free to buy and sell if you reside in Florida.

If you call or email us be ready to deal.

To Our Cue Builder Friends: Our prices are fair as we do not gouge the marketplace. For years, there have only been a couple of sources for quality and legal elephant Ivory for the cue builder. We've noticed price gouging by certain museum type firms who take advantage of our industry by pricing their cue Ivory high. They also lead you to believe that they are the finest source by stating terms like: only 1 in 5 tusks can produce cue ivory. Well, perhaps 1 in 5 of their tusks can be used as cue ivory because they purchase various grades for different applications. However, when you only purchase the highest quality as we do (which is soley used for cue ivory), there is no need for statements such as this. Believe what you wish but these museum type firms have been gouging for years and need to justify their extremely high prices. There is no reason for cue ivory to be as highly priced as these firms retail it.

Please continue to read this section as you will find it enlightening especially about our whiteness section below.

Cue Component Ferrules: Also, we only use the the outer portion of a tusk section for our ferrules. Now, you ask why. Well, the fact is that the outer portion produces better ivory for ferrules. We've learned this from many years of experience with using ivory. Other museum type firms will state that it's makes no difference. Don't believe it. The reason they say it makes no difference is because they use their outer edges more efficiently and their return on their investment is much greater by selling the outer edges as knife handle material. If we were to do that, we would reap a larger return on our investment as well. Our first loyalty is to cues; all else comes in second. Other firms want to sell their ivory as effectively as possible and not sell the best portions for specific applications. Remember, they do not build cues. Do they even play pool? Have they ever installed a ferrule? We are professionals within the industry; we know cue ivory and how to effectively use each piece to achieve maximum quality for cue ivory, first and foremost.

The finest cue Ivory cut to size from a fellow cue builder. Why support anyone else? We supply the same Ivory that they supply but we supply it naturally and for less. Why? We don't need to gouge you. And, this is not our main business... so we don't need to generate the high profit margins that other museum type vendors need to generate. Give us a try and help lower the cost of cue Ivory. We want to drive the price down to where it should be.

Cue Stock Whiteness: Is the ivory you are and have been purchasing been bleached? Probably so! We have ordered cue stock ivory from other firms and one in particular (guess which firm). It is our professional opinion that their ivory has been bleached. Ivory is ivory in color. The word ivory denotes off white color. Ivory has always been to varying degrees - off white. Ivory is never sno-white. It is always off white.

Ok, so what's the big deal about bleaching? Well, bleach (actually a peroxide mixture) no matter how you neutralize it will continue bleaching for years into the future. Bleach breaks down the structure of ivory. It makes the cue stock (with time) brittle and causes it to disentegrate and crack.

Some ivory vendors bleach their ivory. So, why would anyone want bleached ivory? The answer is because that's what the market wants. These sellers of ivory don't care about your customers and the life of your cues. They only care about who has the whitest ivory regardless of the future effects. The only way to achieve white ivory ferrules, joints and butt caps is to bleach ivory. The cue industry demands white ivory and certain firms deliver and fill that demand regardless of the after effects. Afterall, they don't have to deal with your customers or cues.

And, in conclusion we are all using pre-ban elephant ivory for two reason. First and foremost because that is what is available in an effort to preserve the elephant population. And, secondly to insure a very dry product. Well, why in the world would anyone want to place ivory into a bleach (mixture of bleach or peroxide and water) solution? It simply does not make much sense to us.

Take The Cue Components Bleach Test: Want to see for yourself what bleaching (or peroxide) does to ivory? Here's a simple little test. Take some ivory scrap and put it in a cup of Clorox bleach (or 3% peroxide solution). Let it sit there until it is white enough for you or until it matches your 'white' ivory purchases. The time depends on the size of the stock. Let it dry and let us know what you have when you're done. Sure it looks whiter but how is it in texture? It will take a few days to dry out thoroughly. Then let us know how it is after it dries. This is a crude test but it achieves the same results. What you're doing is softening up the ivory and by drying, you are letting it harden again. Not very good for cue stock.

At Cue Components -- we do not, we have never, nor will we ever bleach our ivory. We purchase the finest natural ivory available. The beauty of ivory is the grain and natural ivory color. If you demand 'white' to satisfy the demand of an uneducated customer; please look elsewhere as ivory is never naturally sno-white.

Please Note: All pre-ban elephant ivory must be sold to U.S. customers only who reside in the State of Florida. NO INTERSTATE SALES OR PURCHASES. - no exceptions . It is illegal to transport to a foreign country.

Shipping Liability: Our liability ends once an ivory order is picked up by UPS. We endeavor to ship the finest ivory. All purchases are the responsibility of the buyer. Each ivory piece is cut from the best ivory tusks obtainable. We then turn each piece round and seal every ferrule, joint and butt cap individually. Each ivory component is then checked again when your order is being packed by two shippers for being sound prior to shipping. We are not responsible for cracks which may occur (rarely) during shipping or once they reach your location. Our results are excellent in providing quality material but we will not replace any cracked parts due to climatic changes.

Pool Cue Ivory

Remember, our clients are accustomed to our products and stay loyal because they realize that the competition does not have the very same quality. The competition has what appears to be the very same quality.

What is an Affidavit of Origin and is it necessary?



The Short Story: If you wish to purchase ivory, you must be a resident of the State of Florida. If you are not a Florida resident then no legal pre ban ivory may be purchased.


By purchasing LEGAL PRE BAN IVORY ONLY from this web site, you attest and confirm that you are a legal resident of the State of Florida and have absolutely no intention of shipping any legal pre ban ivory out of the State of Florida.

We can only ship legal pre ban ivory to Florida residents only. Absolutely NO interstate sales. Florida sales only.

NOTICE: We will vigorously assist law enforcement on any out-of-state customers or alleged “straw man” deals which could violate the law. What is a "straw man" deal? When you ask your friend, relative or whatever who resides in Florida to make the purchase for you with the intentions of having them ship it to you in your state.

Also, we will not ship pre ban ivory to hotels while you are visiting Florida. Florida pre ban ivory sales to Florida residents only! Period!

Genuine Ivory Ferrules
Ivory Joint Collars
Ivory Butt Caps
Genuine Ivory Ferrules

Regular Price: $125.00
Sale: $99.95
Ivory Joint Collars

Regular Price: $250.00
Sale: $189.95
Ivory Butt Caps

Regular Price: $350.00
Sale: $299.95
Incredible Ivory Deal
Random Elephant Ivory<br>Inlay Slabs
Buffalo Horn Ferrules, Joints, Butts & Slabs & Camel Bone Slabs
Incredible Ivory Deal

Regular Price: $725.00
Sale: $589.95
Random Elephant Ivory
Inlay Slabs

Regular Price: $150.00
Sale: $99.99
Buffalo Horn Ferrules, Joints, Butts & Slabs & Camel Bone Slabs

Regular Price: $10.00
Sale: $5.95

Affidavits of Origin
The Real Truth About Elephant Ivory

As many of you know, we are without question, the largest supplier of pre ban ivory parts for cue makers. Others try to imitate us and make boastful claims but the truth is, we sell the most. A dealer in ivory products recently wrote a long diatribe of self serving means because, desperate people do desperate things. He’s using fear mongering tactics to muster up business. We’ll put this into very simple terms and show you what a knucklehead the other dealer truly is.

As cue makers we all know the law about pre ban elephant ivory. Bottom-line ‘ if you make cues or for that matter anything using our legal pre ban elephant ivory, you cannot ship it out of the USA; period. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. And to protect yourself, keep records of the purchaser of every cue you sell. In the unlikely event your cue containing ivory makes its way out of the USA, you can document that you did indeed sell it in the USA and subsequent owners shipped it illegally. Simple enough, right. There is no need to complicate this.

Many of you have read our ‘Kenya Ivory Myth’. Well, he’s doing it again but this time with a worthless document which he calls an ‘Affidavit of Origin’. This is a worthless endeavor and proves nothing more than the original bill of sale. We maintain impeccable records of the provenance of each and every pre-ban tusk we purchase. That’s all anyone buying ivory from us needs to know. Now, I’ll show you why his ‘Affidavit of Origin’ is so ridiculous.

Let’s say you get an affidavit for ferrule’s which we’ll call A thru E. You put ferrule A on Charlie’s cue who needed a replacement ferrule. Ferrules B & C go on Jim’s new cue. You have ferrule E remaining but you need more so you order them and get Ferrules F thru J. So, you add ferrule’s E & F to Mike’s new cue and you have two Affidavit of Origin for ferrules on Mike’s cue. Three years later, Mike comes back and needs a new ferrule. Hmmm’ which ferrule are you replacing and from which batch? Do you know? Could you know? Why should you know? How about if Mike comes back to you but he broke one shaft and another cue maker made the shaft and supplied the ferrule? What do you do there? Does the cue now require 3 Affidavits of Origin? C’mon! Suppose you have ferrules from one affidavit, joint’s from another affidavit and a butt cap from another affidavit? Suppose you run out of ferrules and buy more? Let’s add to this stupidity and suppose you build a cue that has inlays from another purchase with a different affidavit! The potential cue has 4 or perhaps 5 affidavits! When does the insanity and stupidity of these ‘affidavits’ stop!?

Further insanity and horse manure states that he developed documentation ‘in cooperation’ with FWS. I’d like to see the ‘documentation’ authorizing or approving his system that FWS cooperated on. Who at FWS cooperated with him? FWS doesn't make policy, they enforce policy so it's highly doubtful that he worked with FWS to produce something that is not required. Was there really anyone at FWS or is all of this a figment of his imagination? This is all nonsense and nothing more that fear mongering and showing his self importance but we all know he is a pompous (fill in the blank).

And, now for his best statement proving with his own words how truly ludicrous his "Affidavit of Origin" really is. He specifically states that he does not supply his affidavit ("unless requested") because it is ‘not required by law’. So basically he’s supplying toilet paper to boast his credentials for his own enlightened self interest. Nuff said!

All our ivory is well documented otherwise we don’t buy it and we’ve passed on many tusks which do not meet our qualifications. We’ve worked closely with Fish and Wildlife (FWS), U.S. Customs (Homeland Security) and local authorities with regard to investigations. And yes, just like our friend, we’ve supplied information that lead to an arrest and conviction.

If ever anyone is questioned, we cannot stress it enough to be honest and forthright with your answers. They already know the answers when they ask the questions. The government agents are hard working people who do a noble and difficult job. They don’t need anyone making it more difficult.

If you purchase ivory from us and in the highly unlikely event be questioned as to the authenticity or legality of your purchase, all you need to do is refer them to us. We have all the documentation that anyone needs to see to support your purchase.

In conclusion, we’ve enjoyed working with many of you in the creation of wonderful cues, many of which are in prized collections. We thank you and look forward to many years of service. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call.

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