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The great Everest Extreme™ Cue Tips! We're excited with our new and improved version and you should be too because we $ave you big money when it comes to these tips. You can buy other Kopy Kats for much more or you can buy these EXTREMEly great tips for so much less. Cut out the greedy manufacturers and useless distributors so that you can $ave money! Buy direct from Cue Components; your no nonsense manufacturer & distributor!

You can play with an Everest or you can choose an Everest Extreme™ Cue Tip to improve your game. Cue Components, Everest Extreme™ Cue Tips are the latest, greatest free marketplace tip to hit the billiard scene. These are for those who play Extreme billiards and need a medium Extreme cue tip to handle and bring out their full capabilities. Everest Extreme™ Cue Tips are 10 layers of Extreme high quality leather. There are now two red layers; one to warn you when to install a new tip and the other because we like it that way. Everest Extreme™ Cue Tips shape like a hard tip, play as a medium but provide you with astounding control as a soft tip - yes, they're that good. Why play with other KopyKat and overpriced Map Crap cue tips when you can now choose an Everest Extreme™ Cue Tip.

Made In The USA - Quality Does Matter!

With an Everest Extreme™ Cue Tip, you are supporting a free marketplace product and American workers. There are no middlemen, distributors, dealers, weekend warriors to hike a product to extremely out of touch prices. You can buy other similar tips but you’re supporting the very people who are, in plain English, screwing you, the consumer.

These tips are 14mm & 10 layers.

Everest Extreme™ Cue Tips – The EXTREMEly better choice!

Unsolicited Testimonial

"Your Tough Tip Glue is awesome and I have been installing quite a few Everest Extremes lately. Everyone is loving them and I personally have replaced my Kamui blacks on my playing shafts with them. I am Extreme-ly happy.

Thanks a bunch Joe. I appreciate your supply company as it has helped me with my little side business a lot”.

K.S. Biddeford, ME

The EXTREMEly better choice! Joe, I use this tip on my Tim Scruggs cue and I break with this same cue and the tips never lose their shape or ability to hold chalk. I have people coming up to me and wanting to know what kind of tip I use so I give them the cue and tell them to take a few shots and see if they like it and how it plays. They are selling themselves. Some players say "You have to have a very soft tip for masse' shots and I find these tips work very well in all types of shots.

Thanks folks,
Bill W, Chesterfield, VA

Notice: Our cue tips are not manufactured with a vacuum laminated system (some refer to it as 'vaculam') whereby forcing excessive glue into the leather fibers. This vacuum laminating process causes tips to feel more plasticized due to the greater permeation of the glue into the leather fibers. This permeation or plasticizing creates a ticking sound when the cue ball hits the tip as in Tiger MAP CRAP cue tips (just ask around). You don't need this distraction so choose Everest Extreme™ Cue Tips.

If you require the finest glue to ensure a permanent bond that won't pop off then we highly recommend our
Cyanoacrylate for tips. It works!

For the ultimate combination
try these tips with
Morakami Performance Chalk.

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Per 1-5 @ $9.99 each
Per 6-11 @ $9.49 each
Per 12+ @ $8.99 each

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Everest Extreme™
Cue Tips

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