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Don't you just love this! Allow me to explain. You see, the 'status quo' resists us at every step (they cry to our supporters/suppliers, competition, news group owners, etc). Why, because we're so vocal and picturesque. We say what we want, do what we want because we're not beholden to anyone nor does our livelihood depend on some manufacturer cutting us off because we won't toe the company line. We won't adhere to any MAP (Minimum Advertising Policy) and expose it for what it is, anti- American and against free trade. It's creates an unhealthy market, voids competition screws the public into paying inflated prices and only benefits the manufacturers such as Tiger, Predator, Lucasi, etc, etc, etc.

We've been warning everyone for years about these 'holier than thou' creeps and all their cohorts. We've been telling all of you for years that firms like Predator, Tiger and Lucasi have been manufacturing products in China, for pennies then selling these same products into the American marketplace for exoribant prices and mark-ups. Their cues cost them under $50 to $100 each and they sell them for $500 to $1000 and up!

These firms are milking the marketplace with their questionable products but have huge profits and therefore can afford huge brain washing campaigns that their miraculous cues and tips play better than all others out there. The best case-in-point are the failed Predator Victory Cue Tips which never really got any traction because they are what they are - crap!

They can afford huge advertising campaigns and are able to pay pro players who endorse their products. These same pro players would sell our their mothers for enough money. They'll tell you that the all new granite cue tips are the best tips and their aluminum cue is the greatest if there were such products. Basically, they'll prostitute themselves if the money is right.

In any event, have a look at the attached photo of an email we received. It is self explanatory, right from the horses mouth and further proof where all these products are being manufactured. Predator, Lucasi and Tiger products anyone?

Have a fantastic day!

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