Click to enlargeXtreme Clear & Black<br>BulletProof Jump Break™ Cue Tip

Xtreme Clear & Black BulletProof Jump/Break™ Cue Tip available in 14mm. These tips are clear or black and bulletproof; literally! They are made from very lightweight durable poly carbonate material. So, what the heck is all that mumbo-jumbo? To put it in terms we can all understand and remove the mysterious secret ingredient – the tips are made of LEXAN. It’s a bulletproof material stronger than plexiglass but will bend and not crack like plexiglass. That’s why….

It shapes, scuffs, grips and holds chalk too! You can jump and break with spin and draw!

Our Xtreme Clear & Black BulletProof Jump/Break™ Cue Tips are clearly superior to all others because they blow the competition apart in both price and performance!

Try them out at our super money saving 12 pack!! You can resell them at our super cheap per 12 pricing. Mix them up!

Xtreme Clear & Black
BulletProof Jump Break™ Cue Tip

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