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When that match saving situation comes down to a jump shot, use the revolutionary EZ-Jumper for a more accurate jump shot.

This hand held bridge supports your jump cue during difficult jump shots, masse shots and other pool shots where you need to be more creative and elevate high over a ball to enable you to hit down on the cue ball.

This convenient portable device fit handily in your pocket or your cue case pocket. Enables you to shoot jump shots like the Pros. The EZ-Jumper also allows you to reach difficult jump shots in the middle of the table and compensates for the shorter player's lack of reach, the equalizer for height of players.

Included with the EZ-Jumper is a practice jump shot cloth disk to protect the table's surface when practicing.

Helps make difficult jump shots easier. Elevates your hand bridge. Equalizer for height of players. Allows you to reach jump shots in the center of the table.

Performs best when using a "Dart" or "Spear" stroke. Portable--fits in your pocket or cue case pocket. "V" shape rest for your jump cue--more accuracy. When you have no choice...pull out your "EZ-Jumper." Expand your shot options.

Add jump shots to your everyday game with easy and accuracy. Fear jump shots no more. Currently being used by players in tournaments and league play. Made in the USA Patent Pending EZ-JUMPER has been approved by many of the major pool leagues for use.

You can visit EZ-Jumper web site and watch demonstration videos here:

Per 1 EZ-Jumper $14.99
Per 12 EZ-Jumper $119.40
That's only $9.95 each when buying 12

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Your Jump Shot Tool
Made in the USA

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