Click to enlargeFacing Each Ring

Now, this is the anal part of doing ring work. Most cue makers sand both sides of the ring and then install them. We use to do it that way and it works fine. You sand both surfaces real good, use epoxy and then slide them on, line them and wait for the epoxy (use West) to set.

However, we only sand one side on all the rings and then glue one on using Thin Cyanoacrylate. The Cyano dries quickly and we then face that ring off. The face off barely removes any material but that's just enough. Then you glue the sanded surface of the next ring onto the faced off side of the previous ring. And so on, and so on. We've found that this process creates flawless ring work.

Caution: When using Cyano, you do not have any room for error. You have to be familiar with using it and good at doing it this way. It may take some practice but we think it's the way to go for flawless rings and no glue lines.

The above method of doing ring work is probably the best method around and remember where you read it as we appreciate the words of praise from so many of you. That's why we keep this series going and constantly add to it.

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