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Genuine MooriŪ Cue Tips or not Genuine MooriŪ Cue Tips? OK, where do we begin? I guess the best place will be at the beginning and show you why we call the sellers of these incarnations, Bozo's. We'll detail a long investigative, logical, orderly, common sense approach as to why these tips are not genuine MooriŪ tips made in Japan by Hideo Moori.

Are the tips being offered by the Bozo's genuine Moori? Well, yes and no depending on your definition. By their wording on their web site, they are trying to perhaps deceive you because they state, "The legendary Moori Billiard Cue Tips" inferring that these tips come from a long past history as do the genuine MooriŪ tips. That is untrue because these Bozo creations have nothing to do with genuine Moori's legendary history.

First, we will offer you a little real history. MooriŪ started with his idea of manufacturing a laminated tip way back in 1983 with his first prototype. He sold small amounts locally and for testing purposes. During this period he honed his skill and by 1992 he was in full production with his first mass produced 10 layer MooriŪ tip as shown below. They were available in soft, medium, medium hard and hard. This was known as his 1st generation.

 photo 1992Moori.jpg

By 1994, MooriŪ tips were the rage here in the USA. Cue makers throughout the United States began carrying MooriŪ tips to the delight of pool players everywhere. They were highly sought after.

In 2001, MooriŪ came out with his 2nd generation cue tips. They were now 11 layers and available in soft, medium and quick or what is known as hard. Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure.

 photo 2001_Moori.jpg

In 2003, MooriŪ updated and changed the tip to what became known as the MooriŪ III. These were 9 layers of fine pig skin and available in soft, medium and quick. Photo shown below:

 photo 2007_Moori.jpg

Here is a picture of the round tin genuine MooriŪ tips came in and were in use up to 2006:

 photo Moori_Tin.jpg

In late 2013, MooriŪ came out with its most recent generation, the MooriŪ IV which are now 8 layers of high grade pig skin.

 photo MooriIV.jpg

In mid 2015 Moori change their logo to the one below:  photo 3051f5b3-d6fb-47f5-86e0-f215461f3fb3.jpg

Ok, so now we all have an understanding of the history and here is where it becomes interesting. In 2006, to deter counterfeiting of his tips, MooriŪ sealed their tips in a pill type encasement shown here:

 photo Moori_2006.jpg

Even more importantly, is after the pill-type encasement, Moori went one step further and added a hologram which shows the words, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC AND SECURE on each hologram. You will need a 10 power magnifying glass to discern these words while holding them at different angles. Here is a photo showing the hologram:

 photo fd6dafe1-9843-402f-91ec-95d575e69e7a.jpg

Here's a close-up shot of the genuine holograms:

 photo hologram.jpg

In addition to those measures, MooriŪ created their logo which we have all come to know today shown here:

 photo Moori_Logo_Final.jpg

Please take special note and look at the MooriŪ logo where the registered trademark shows directly after the "I" of MooriŪ shown above. See that little "R" and where it's placed; directly after the name MooriŪ which means the name MooriŪ is trademarked.

Also, take special note to each "O" in the name MooriŪ which come from the following manufacturing procedure of stamping out each round tip from the square blanks:

 photo Moori_Cutouts.jpg

And now, welcome to the Bizarro World or the Bozo Show (take your pick but we think Bozo resides in the Bizarro World):

There is a method to their madness!
First we think it's important to offer you some Bozo history. In 2013 the Bozo's lost their supply of genuine MooriŪ tips because the largest distributor in Japan passed away. The Bozo's started spreading rumors that Mr. Moori had passed away and that any MooriŪ tips in the marketplace were fakes. We're sure you all remember that nonsense but if you don't, here is a page from their website proclaiming that there are almost no genuine MooriŪ around except for what they were selling as MooriŪ III's which were in fact MooriŪ IV's (we examined them). This aberration was published on their website after they realized that Mr. Moori was alive and when they started getting small supplies again of the new genuine MooriŪ IV's which they were calling MooriŪ III's. This was taken from their website in February, 2014.

 photo BozoBilliards4.jpg

They managed to latch onto limited supplies of genuine MooriŪ (medium only) and touted themselves as the only source for genuine MooriŪ. They also sold the genuine MooriŪ IV's (8 layers) as Moori III's (9 layers) and refused to acknowledge that they were actually selling MooriŪ IV's. Why? One has to ask that question! Either they are clueless or they had some ulterior motive. It appears there was an ulterior motive.

Well, on February 13, 2013, the Bozo's filed for a Trademark of "Moori Billiard Cue TipsŪ". This was in the planning stages for a long time even when they were stating that Mr. Moori passed away and he was supposedly no longer manufacturing MooriŪ tips. Then subsequently proclaiming that he was alive but "no longer in large production". One has to then ask why would they trademark "Moori Billiard Cue TipsŪ" when according to them, Mr. Moori passed away and/or was "no longer in large production" at the same time as when they filed for the trademark name. Good point.

In January, 2014 their trademark was approved and that's when they published the page above on their website! In September, 2014 the Bozo's launched their Moori 4G Billiard Cue Tips under their trademarked name, "Moori Billiard Cue TipsŪ".

For a product where the owner passed on, then claiming nothing but fakes on the marketplace and then "no longer in large production", this has sure made a miraculous recovery!

Now we all know why back in late 2013, the Bozo's refused to acknowledge that there was a new MooriŪ IV cue tip. They insisted on selling the MooriŪ IV's as MooriŪ III - because back in February, 2013 the plan was already in motion to market their own Moori 4G Billiard cue tips under their newly submitted and perhaps deceitful trademark "Moori Billiard Cue Tips". Just read their own web site statement above; a picture is worth a thousand words.

For grins and giggles here is a picture of them offering genuine MooriŪ III's (prior January, 2014) and admitting that they are made in Japan. They self proclaimed themselves as the "exclusive North American Distributor" when no such title ever existed. If that were true, which it wasn't, no one outside of them would have genuine MooriŪ for sale in the USA and we all know that's a lie. This proves their affiliation with the pill type encasement, hologram anti counterfeiting measures and that MooriŪ III's were in fact 9 layers.

 photo MooriFinalOlder3.jpg

And now the big question! We show you the Bozo's offering genuine MooriŪ III's which they themselves claim as being 9 layers. If you look at their current web page, they are now saying that their all new and improved version of their Bozo Moori 4G's are the latest and greatest. If that's so, what's the difference between the Genuine MooriŪ III's and the Bozo 4G since they are both 9 layers? Why go to a supposed 4th generation when they're both 9 layers? Please read on and remember folks; Genuine MooriŪ IV's are 8 layers.

And Now, Let's All Laugh Together

The following picture was taken from a recent (09/25/2014) Bozo offering on eBay where they're selling Genuine 8 layer MooriŪ IV's in the pill type packaging. They're still stating that they're the only "authorized distributor under contract" and warning everyone about fakes and/or counterfeits. We're nauseous and you should be too. (Note: they removed their genuine MooriŪ pill type ebay offering two days after we posted this and has not been relisted).

 photo BozoeBay2.jpg

Let's fast forward to today and review the new Bozo Moori tips shown below:

 photo Fake_Moori3.jpg

By creating this incarnation, the Bozo's may believe that you, the consumer, the pool playing public, the cue makers and resellers of tips and other fine billiard products are complete idiots, fools and too ignorant and lazy to research all this. They believe that you'll fall for their highly questionable practices of trying to make you believe these incarnations are the same genuine MooriŪ that have been manufactured since 1983. This is simply not the case.

The Bozo's want you to believe them because in their minds they have all of you thinking they can do no wrong. We've been calling them out for the Bozo's they truly are for years. Who is running this company? Are the inmates now running the asylum?

It seems ever since their illegal ivory bust and hefty fines that this company has degenerated and may stoop to new lows almost on a daily basis. Just remember, these are the same pinheads who pled guilty to intentionally shipping raw ivory out of the USA and paid fines in excess of $160,000. Ok yeah, as we are the USA's largest ivory dealer, we were basically ticketed for a misdemeanor charge for not having a permit to ship pool cues with ivory overseas. In the interest of full disclosure, we wanted to make that info available so our critics won't fault us for hiding that little known fact. Ok, back to the real issue...

Here's the breakdown. To believe that the tips which the Bozo's are selling and want you to believe are in fact genuine MooriŪ IV tips, you'd have to believe the following:

1) That MooriŪ changed its anti counterfeiting pill-type packaging

2) That MooriŪ no longer needs a hologram to deter counterfeiting

3) That MooriŪ went back to packaging in a tin as they did a decade ago

4) That MooriŪ is now producing tips loosely in a tin flies in the face of logic. This is because genuine MooriŪ went through such painstaking measures to deter counterfeiting with their pill-type encasement and holograms.

5) That MooriŪ changed their logo to the Bozo Moori logo as shown on the Bozo's tin

6) That the Bozo's didn't even produce these incarnations with any sense of order. Genuine MooriŪ III were 9 layers in 2003 thru 2013 and MooriŪ IV are 8 layers starting in late 2013. They produced the Bozo Moori with 9 layers. Highly doubtful that Moori went from 9 to 8 and back to 9 layers again (they didn't). Now look at the printing on the tips themselves which look nothing like the printing on Genuine MooriŪ including the 'glue' logo which is significantly different.

Look at the comic style and larger lettering on the tips themselves. Look at the glue logo and how large and bold it is.

 photo Moori_Fake_Lettering.jpg

Here is the genuine MooriŪ IV below where you can clearly see the 8 layers and where the name/glue logo are smaller and more refined than the comic size of the ones above. Also worth mentioning, is look at the glue logo side. Notice the smaller circle running around the inner circumference? Do you see that circular indentation? Well, that is a the tell tale sign of these tips being individually (as in by a human) punched out of a larger piece of leather. That's how original genuine MooriŪ have been made since day one:

Genuine MooriŪ IV Below
 photo GenuineMooriFinal42.jpg

7) That MooriŪ produced a different MooriŪ IV with a different tip, different lettering, different glue logo, different packaging, no more anti counterfeiting measures and went from a genuine MooriŪ IV with 8 layer to a Bozo Moori IV with 9 layers (9 layers were originally on the genuine MooriŪ III). And, if you believe all this, would you like to buy a bridge?

Most convincing is look at where the registration mark is on the Bozo's tips. On genuine MooriŪ tips, the "R" is directly after the name MooriŪ meaning the name MooriŪ is trademarked. On the Bozo's Moori, the "R" is shown after the wording, "Moori Billiard Cue TipsŪ". In the world of legalese, that's not the same as the Bozo's trademarked a phrase! See below that the name "Moori" is not trademarked but the phrase "Moori Billiard Cue TipsŪ" is trademarked:

 photo Moori_Fake_Logo.jpg

Bozo & Mickey Mouse Join Forces!
What were they thinking? Obviously they weren't!

Let us lay this out for you. The Bozo's are probably getting these tips in plastic bags of 100 tips per bag. They then bought these little plastic micro vials with hinged snap lock lids (as shown below) and purchased them in various sizes. If you order less than 60 tips; 1 tip or 3 tips or 10 tips, they will put that quantity in the appropriate tube(s) and then put a piece of magic tape over the lid. This magic tape basically changes color (void/open words appear) when you lift it off the surface so you can tell it's been opened or "tampered" with. They also use two pieces of this same magic tape on each tin of 60 tips. It's quite clear that the Bozo's are doing all the packaging of their creations. Here's a photo of the 'Mickey Mouse' tape set-up:

 photo BozoMooriTape4.jpg

Dumbo, Now Joins Bozo & Mickey Mouse!
Can You Believe This Stupidity?

The above security tape strips were most likely purchased from this United States manufacturer: Security Labels & Stickers

For as little as 8Ē each, anyone can now duplicate this Bozo Moori Tip packaging! We cannot imagine why anyone would want to counterfeit a dubious item but we merely want to point out the absurdity to this Frankenstein creation. These security strips which the Bozo's use on their individual sales as well as on their "secure" or should we say, highly insecure 60 count tins can be easily breached.

Now everyone in the world knows where to purchase these security labels so these Bozo Moori creations are not secure. Does anyone think that a real manufacturer of a quality product would protect it with these ridiculous measures? Remember, the Bozo's state, "No returns if safety seal is removed from the product. This is to prevent counterfeit tips from being returned to us". Anyone can now easily breach this 'Mickey Mouse' security so not only are these creations questionable at best but their own security has now been compromised!

OK, moving right along, here is where the Bozo's are purchasing their
Micro Storage Vials shown below:

 photo BozoMicroVial2.jpg

Look what we got in the mail! Does this mean we can be an official authorized Bozo Moori dealer because we have the official tamper proof vials that anyone can order? (you cannot make this stuff up; how ignorant can someone be!)

 photo Vials2.jpg

What the heck is going on here! We took three separate pictures of three different size vials and then blended them together to show you the stupidity of this nonsense. Here we have 3 "tamper proof" vials with nothing in them. I wonder how that could happen when the Bozo's are the "Official Distributor". This whole scheme smells. Don't be fooled buying these creations.

 photo BozoVialFinal.jpg

No respectable and responsible manufacturer would put into place a product with such deficiencies as we've laid out above. Only a Skokie Clown would produce such a creation.

What Rocket Scientist up in Skokie created this Frankenstein? Rich, was it you or was it John? C'mon guys, step up to the plate so we can give you a great big round of applause for this years dumbest Billiard product.

 photo applause.jpg

After all this, The Bozo's want you and I to believe this is manufactured in Japan, then imported to the USA with them being its sole distributor. We seriously doubt that anyone in Japan is this dumb to produce a product with such ridiculous marketing and packaging.

Does anyone still wonder why we refer to these Bozo's as Bozo's and Skokie Clowns!

Quote Of The Century!

The Bozo's made this statement on their February, 2014 website as pictured above. "There is no such thing as a Moori IV. These are 100 percent fake. We have declined to stock the fake Moori Tips and sell them as real ones. We can buy thousands of these, but choose not to."

Well, perhaps they changed their minds and this Frankenstein is their latest creation because it sure isn't a genuine MooriŪ. How can it be due to the proof we laid out above and below, plus the fact that all the ridiculous packaging is done and made here in the USA. Is one to believe Genuine MooriŪ outsourced all the ridiculous packaging to the Skokie Clowns?

Friends, you cannot make this stuff up! These are not genuine MooriŪ tips that we have all come to know, respect and use but are in fact BOZO Moori Tips created by the Skokie Clowns. In all probability, these are cheap Chinese imports, labeled Moori and trademarked, "Moori Billiard Cue TipsŪ" by the Bozo's to perhaps fool the unsuspecting public.

Direct from Japan:
Here is the response we received directly from Japan: this is what MooriŪ has to say about the Bozo Moori creations exactly as received in their own words:
"...that one sold in (company name withheld but it is the Bozo's) is 100% imitation, not genuine MOORIŪ. MooriŪ has been already received some inquiry about this, we are thinking what we should do for this problem. At least we may inform about this problem on the official website in near future. I don't know what will be happened next, but this is actually serious problem".

This is a reply from one of MooriŪ top distributors in Japan:
"Hi. Joe. This tip is 100% fakes."

Here is a reply from another MooriŪ distributor:
I spoke with Mr. Moori just now. He did not make that tips. That is fake! He is thinking how to do now.

And lastly, this is a reply from another exclusive MooriŪ distributor:
"It is 100% genuine knock-offs."

Just in! The last confirmation we received states the following:
Dear Joe,
These are totally imitation. 100% FAKE Tip from (Bozo name withheld). Mr. Moori from Japan never produced anything like this!! Mr. Moori from Japan already heard inquiries about this fake tip from (Bozo name withheld) and consider what to do with this situation.

Anyways, Genuine Moori tip from Japan is 8 layers. Any 9 layers are FAKE. Please understand Mr. Moori already do his best to avoid any misleading between Fake (name withheld) tips and Genuine MOORI MADE IN JAPAN TIP.

Nuff said?

And lastly, further proof that these creations are the brain child of the Bozo's (directly off the United States Government Trademark web site):

 photo BozoTrademarkFinal.jpg

The Non Trademark, Trademark?

We were thinking and have come to the realization that this trademark is not really a trademark. A trademark is for the sole purpose of protecting your property rights. The trademark is "Moori Billiard Cue Tips". However, in the trademark itself, it states that: "No claim is made to the exclusive right to use "Billiard Cue Tips" apart from the mark as shown."

So, that trademark allows everyone to use the words "Billiard Cue Tips" which of course could never withstand being trademarked in the first place. So, what's left? The word "Moori". We all know that the word "Moori" has been used for decades to describe a particular type of tip well in advance of the Bozo's application date of February 18, 2013 and registration date of April 15, 2014. So, what is trademarked? The answer is, nothing! Absolutely nothing. How can you protect or even have a trademark when the main word "MOORI" is not yours and when the remaining 3/4 of the trademarked name (Billiard Cue Tips) can be used on its own?

Also, worth mentioning is the fact that Genuine MooriŪ tips are a free market product whereas the manufacturer does not impose Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP). If you notice, the Bozo's are pricing these new Bozo Moori tips at $18.75 which will be the MAP and then sell them to all the greedy resellers for (we're guessing) $9 or so. And of course, some of the unsuspecting and greedy resellers will jump on board and resell the new Bozo Moori tips. We will spotlight all resellers of these Bozo Moori's right here. Buyer beware!

What merchants will join
the Skokie Clowns with marketing these Frankensteins?

 photo spotlight2.jpg

Ask yourself this question: Why would genuine MooriŪ make these sudden and drastic changes?

The answer: Because they didn't!

If you want genuine MooriŪ, buy from reputable sources who still sell the genuine MooriŪ with the pill-type encasement and hologram anti counterfeiting features shown below:

 photo GenuineMooriIV.jpg

If it isn't 8 layers in the pill type encasement, then it's not a Genuine MooriŪ Cue Tip that we all have come to know.

Bozo Moori Tips anyone?

Customer Comments
(names have been withheld for obvious reasons)
Here is a small sampling of the email we received on the above story. We wish we could publish all the emails but selected a few which give you the general overall opinions.

I love the way you write on Tiger and Bozo supplies :)

Joe, You got it right, they are Bozo's!

I've been dealing with the clowns for 15 years and you got it right

WOW - talk about being hammered!

Glad someone has the guts to publish this stuff and not be part of the status quo

As you pointed out, what were they thinking; obviously they weren't thinking

Thanks for the info. I always knew they were scum.

You are absolutely right, they think who the heck they are. They think we need them when in reality they can kiss my butt

Good job Joe, don't let go!

What a laughing stock

I applaud you for your efforts. I used to deal with the Bozo's and the jokers in St. Augustine. No more now as both just want to get deeper and deeper into my pockets.

Keep up the fight as someone has to be responsible and expose these creeps.

I did some business with the Skokie Clowns but they ripped me off on shipping and their handling fees.

Joe, keep it up! Good job!

How can they think they would get away with this. Do they think we are all that stupid?

Joe, These things can't be genuine as you pointed out! No doubt there will be some non-believers about this but I just refer them to the screw-up they did with their ivory bust and hefty fines. They're arrogant and got what they deserved. I hope no one falls for this creation of theirs.

I can not believe that a major company would do something like this! I do believe it because this is billiards and they are no better than the desperado who stiffs you in a game of pool.

Joe, Your writing style is phenomenal and I always enjoy reading what you write. I must say you wrote a convincing article. I have since written to the Bozo's twice with no reply. A friend got a reply that the tips are genuine Moori but when pressed if they were the same genuine Moori that we all know, he received no reply. I'm convinced these tips they are trying to sell are as bogus as a three dollar bill. Thank you for informing all of us!

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