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Here is our downdraft table with Grizzly lathe atop it. As you can see, it is now set up with 4 Halogen lamps to cure the Epoxy, Cyano or Water Borne finishes. When not in use, the lights swivel down and out of the way for sanding. We then add finish, pop the lights up and on, then rotate the cue for curing. Simple, inexpensive set-up. Efficient and does a great job.

P.S. That cue is there just for display purposes and yes we know it needs the ring work and joint collar. :-)

And, for those of you who want to know where to get a set of Halogen lamps like these, just go to your local Lowe's (isle 13). And remember, never, never, never leave Halogen lamps unattended.

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