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These Brazilian Rosewood Full Splice Blanks are our latest and we are proud to be able to offer them to you.

Made in the USA!

As many of you know, our esteemed owner (thought you'd get a chuckle out of that) squirreled away well over 1,000 Brazilian Rosewood blanks from over two decades ago. Many of you should remember how we were offering Brazilian Rosewood turning squares from a source in Brazil who had permits to cut down the last of the remaining high quality stumps. We were getting regular shipments. Blanks large enough for full splice cues were few and far between but we did manage to receive and save a few. We saved hundreds of 13", 15", 18" and 24" sticks most of which have been sold out over the last decade but we still have some to offer to our friends.

In any event, we decided to make some full spliced blanks out of the remaining Brazilian Rosewood. These are rare, hard to get and better than platinum. This is money in the bank. You can put these away for future use and name your price. You can make a cue and name your price. Get them while they are available because they will not last forever. This is rare, old wood and not the crap that is available from dubious sources on the inter-twined web net thingie. :-) Just look at the quality here and you can easily see the difference that current offerings are much lower grade desperado type cuttings. Despite wording to the contrary, current offerings are cuttings from all the reject stump material. Look at the color and figure. Need more be said?

And lastly, these blanks are all nicely to highly figured and all are matched with outstanding Birdseye maple. What is outstanding Birdseye Maple - just look at the photo's.

Please Note: We ask that you do not request the third blank from the left or the second blank from the right. This is a stock photo and the above blanks will most probably have already been sold. We are selling these as they run, at random and you'll be pleased with what you receive. In the unlikely event that you are not pleased, everyone knows we have the fastest refund policy in the business. It's really simple: send the damn thing back and you'll be credited immediately the same day we receive it. It doesn't get any simpler.

Brazilian Rosewood
Full Splice Blanks


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