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As many of you are aware, we are liquidating our wood inventory as we are retiring and lightening up our work load. As things are sold-out, we will not be replacing them so order now and $ave. We will still be maintaining all other products and will still be doing business as usual. Thank you.

These are our newest models. These blanks are custom made with the same care and accuracy as with all Cue Component parts. All our blanks have proven to be very popular. We've had an uninterrupted run producing these blanks and as with all good ideas, some are now being copied. Please read on...

Our Cocobolo and Ebony blanks are made from jet black Ebony and beautifully figured Cocobolo - that's what set ours apart from others. The points are within very close tolerances and even. All Cue Components full spliced blanks are exceptional values.

A word about our Full Spliced Limited Edition Birdseye Blanks. If you're looking for cheap, then there are other sources for similar blanks. Our Birdseye blanks are highly figured with heavy concentration of Birdseye. You don't have to look for the eyes. Our highly figured Cocobolo is from Costa Rica (more costly than Mexican) and our Ebony is BLACK. Our blanks are quality. As such, our blanks are more costly than others offering similar blanks. When you're shopping price, quality costs more and this will be reflected in the pricing of your end product. Thank you.

NOTE: All blanks are oversized - approximately .950/1.350

Brazilian Rosewood<br>Full Splice Blanks<BR><BR> ONLY 1 LEFT!!
Ebony/Tulipwood<BR>Full Splice <BR>NOW SHIPPING!<br><font color=red>SOLD OUT</font color>
Limited Edition<BR>Cocobolo/BE Full<BR>Spliced Blanks
Brazilian Rosewood
Full Splice Blanks


Regular Price: $375.00
Sale: $169.95
Full Splice

Regular Price: $325.00
Sale: $169.95
Limited Edition
Cocobolo/BE Full
Spliced Blanks

Regular Price: $125.00
Sale: $99.95

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