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Now available! We are offering the all new and exciting G2 USA™ cue tips. These are proudly Made In The USA using the finest Japanese pig skins. You can be assured of consistent pay with minimal maintenance due to being manufactured with exacting specifications and tolerances. G2 USA™ will be your tip of choice.

Every G2 USA™ tip is individually sealed. These protective pouches protect your investment from the elements and insure a fresh and preserved tip.

G2 USA tips have no MAP structure which inflates the retail pricing to the end user. No one should pay $20 for a tip. $ave money and buy G2 USA™.

Priced at only $9.95 introductory pricing for a limited time. Buy Now and $ave!

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Here's the long story...
As many of you know, we are one of the largest sellers of cue tips in the industry. We make the market in all high end tips. We refuse to have anyone tell us what we can and should sell a product for on the wholesale or retail level (we believe in a free American marketplace without pricing manipulation and controls). Manufacturers today insist on using MAP or Minimum Advertised Pricing to sell their wares. And, unfortunately there are many spineless dealers out there who would rather capitulate than tell these manufacturers where to go. We tell them where they can take their products and where they can shove them if they expect us to adhere to the manipulating MAP tactics.

MAP forces the consumer to pay a higher than normal retail price that a free market would never allow. The market should set prices and not any manufacturer sitting in an ivory tower in some foreign country.

We were selling G2 Japan tips for well over a year at discounted pricing. Never any issues. Then, all these foreign market manipulating companies discovered that they could serial number their tips to thwart counterfeiting or that's what they want you to believe. They market these as a consumer protection device and for the benefit of the consumer but the truth is a far different story. Please read on...

By installing these serial numbers, they can now track to whom they sell their tips. They can sell tips numbered 1000 to their distributor Charlie in Asia. They can sell their tips numbered 2000 to their distributor Frank in Canada. They can sell their tips numbered 3000 to Sam in California and so on. Until they numbered their tips, they had no control to where and whom their tips were sold. Sam in California could sell to a client in Germany which is against their distributor agreement. Charlie in Asia could sell to us in the USA and no one would know. Therefore, Kamui and G2 came up with this serial numbering system.

By knowing where and to what distributor certain serial numbers are sold, the manufacturers can monitor who is selling their products and to whom.

We were buying our G2 Japan tips from a supplier and selling them for a free market price. That is, until G2 Japan who is based in China put a stop to the distributor who was selling us their tips. We had enough inventory to last many months after we were and our distributor were cut off.

So, most people would tuck their tails under and ride off into the sunset. NOT US! We took exception to their underhanded tactics and decided to manufacture our own G2 USA™ cue tip in direct competition to their G2 Japan cue tip. After months of research, finding suppliers for quality leather and manufacturing, we are proud to offer you, our valued clients and friends, the newest addition to our MAP fighting arsenal of quality tips.

G2 USA™ cue tips are now available to you and at money saving prices. Why pay foreign companies their inflated and market manipulated prices?! Buy G2 USA™ and support an American Company (CueComponents) who goes to great lengths to bring you fairly priced and exceptional products.

Thank you for your support.

Disclaimer: G2 USA™ is in no way affiliated in any manner, shape or form with G2 Japan cue tips.