Click to enlargeA Glutton<br>For Punishment

Here's 'Dead Eye'...

Yeah, yeah it's none other than Chris Nitti and his wife Theresa. Did you ever see two happier people? That's because they know that it's always a pleasure to do business with Joe and Cue Components.

We had a great time and a few good laughs. Chris got some bargains, Joe got a headache. While sitting and chatting in the house by the liquor cabinet, Chris brought up how he enjoyed Grand Marnier. With that Joe broke out the glasses and instead of good old plain Grand Marnier, he treated Chris to Grand Marnier 150 Year; the good stuff. We sat there, enjoyed the drink, conversation and then the talk went to guns. With that, Joe broke out one of his new high powered toys - that's right, guns and drunks; no better combination for fun and danger.

As you can see, Joe has a shooting set-up in his back yard for daily plinking and stress relief. It does the body and heart good to be able to shoot in one's own back yard. The neighbors are use to it.

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