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This DVD runs 90 minutes
This DVD covers two proper techniques of installing veneer work to your points. It will also cover how to cut veneers with and without a mill in detail. We'll show two methods both of which produce accurate and clean veneer work. This is the ultimate in precision veneer techique.

If you are new to cue building, you will need to purchase Proper "V" Point Construction Techniques to fully understand how point work is done. This DVD picks up where the other one leaves off. Doing veneer work is the next level of cue construction.

If you are accustomed to building cues with points and want to learn flawless veneer work or if you just want to see different technique, then perhaps you won't need the previous DVD - Proper "V" Point Construction Techniques. However, if your point work is not up to speed without doing veneers, then this DVD will not produce the desired results. Flawless construction technique will produce the desired results. And, unless you know how everything is accomplished up to doing veneers, this part will not produce the desired results without flawless construction prior to doing veneers.

After viewing this DVD, you'll find that doing veneer work, as labor intensive as it is, will be very easy and rewarding. Our step-by-step proceedures makes it easy to follow and understand. It's really a no-brainer!

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Proper Veneer
Construction Techniques

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