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This DVD will run approximately 1 hour and 32 minutes.

Installing a butt sleeve is a simple proceedure, correct? Wrong. There are correct methods and incorrect methods. We show one simple method with techniques that make it easy and accurate. Additionally, we also show a method that few cue builders utilize but produces great results. We believe this method has never been shown and demonstrated. Although more labor intensive, the results are worth it. We demonstrate by showing you how to achieve total accuracy and precision as well as mastering the technique. This DVD is excellent and extremely worthwhile.

As previously mentioned, butt sleeves are a cake walk (hardly). Well, here's an unsolicited comment: "On a diffent note, I realy liked your new dvds. I was pleasantly suprised that the butt sleeve dvd had as much information as it did". JB, IN.

For 90 minutes there's a lot of valuable information in there! You don't know it all.

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Proper Butt Sleeve
Installation Techniques

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