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Inlay Shells - Rare, Expensive, Beautiful, High Quality<br><font color=red>SOLD OUT</font color>

Here's the deal kiddies: This is the expensive sheet laminated shell material. This is not the crap; it is manufactured under a patent system and is very expensive.

There is heart abalone sheets here which is very expensive. These sheets are the thicker material so they excellent for inlay. The regular sheets you see online are way too thin for inlay use whereas these work great.

They are are all roughly 5" x 9" and .125 thick. All the stuff you see online is the much thinner .064 or 3/64, etc. The thicker stuff, such as this is far more costly. Compare apples to apples.

Although this offering is expensive, you cannot buy them for anywhere close to our price.

shellRegular Price: $2,000.00Sale: $799.99

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