Click to enlargeIvorite-III™ <BR>aka Aegis<br>Solid Melamine<br>Ferrule Rods

This is our Ivorite-III™ Melamine ferrule material; the finest ferrule material available today. This is a Linen Melamine material that is rolled and molded for unequaled performance. This product bonds well with epoxy, cyanoacrylate and wood glue.

Our prices may be slightly higher than other resellers for similar material but our Ivorite-III™ is very clean. Those of you who have experienced black dots, streaks, etc you all know what we're talking about. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Made in The USA

Pricing as follows:
.562"od rods @ $32.50 for 1 foot
.562"od rods @ $64.00 for 2 feet ($32.00 per foot)
.562"od rods @ $94.50 for 3 feet ($31.50 per foot)

You may order 1 foot, two feet or three foot sections. We may, at our discretion ship in 1 foot increments for easy and lower cost shipping. If you require a full 2 or 3 foot section, please advise us and we'll accommodate you.

Made In The USA.

aka Aegis
Solid Melamine
Ferrule Rods

Regular Price: $35.00
1 - 1
2 - 2
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