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Joe's $10 Hard Maple Shafts<br>NOW AVAILABLE<BR>LIMITED!<br><font color=red>SOLD!!</font color>

So, what are Joe's $10 shafts? Many of you screamed at us to come up with a high end $10 shaft. These shafts were accumulated over one full season and arrived in January 2013 thru January 2015 with new stocks arriving every January. The shafts you buy today are at least 2 years old as we can hold that many shafts for our friends.

These are shafts that come on one pallet specifically selected by our supplier and shipped to Joe along with 20,000 other shafts annually. They are all select and really nice that will satisfy all who purchase them. These are not for the people who normally buy $6 shafts but are for our higher end clients who want quality at a great price. They are winter wood, clean, white, straight grained and really choice with above average growth ring concentration. Yes, these are for mega thousand dollar cues or for those of you who just want a quality shaft to put on your cues. We get in about 5,000 each year of these beauties so all are subject to prior sale. And these are priced like this as Joe doesn't have to sort them which takes his valuable time and time is money. So, if you want a great shaft at a reasonable price, then go for them.

Get these Gems today!

Oh and the beauty on the forklift is Tracy, 'she helped' (said with a South Carolina accent). :-)

Joe's $10 Hard Maple Shafts

Joe10Regular Price: $15.00Sale: $10.00

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