Click to enlargeJoe's Bad Boy

Here's a picture of Joe and his newest toy. This is one of Grizzly's higher precision 14 X 40 lathe's and it really is a tight piece of machinery. It works the way a lathe should work; accurate and precise. There's even a foot break.

Joe decided to upgrade with all the bells and whistles such as a brand new (Joe lucked out) high precision Pratt Burnerd collet chuck (chuck not being offered here), Newall DRO for the ultimate in accuracy, 3-jaw rear spindle chuck, German made Albrecht key-less drill chuck (the best thing since sliced bread) and an Aloris CXA tool post. There's even an air gun which blows cold air to cool cutting tools under operation and it clears dust particles at the same time. This lathe is all tricked out and set up for high accuracy. Notice the dust collector vent for a clean workplace. The light switch to the far right operates the dust collector system. Everything is within reach and well organized.

This lathe has plenty of power for machining metal and is incredibly accurate in all areas of cue construction.

The inset photo shows a close-up of the Pratt Burnerd collet chuck and the Newall DRO. If you note on top of the lathe you'll see well organized tooling which is a must to operate efficiently and accurately. There is a CNC triple bearing long nose 'live' center with a 60 degree point for machining between centers. If you look closely, you'll see Starrett digital calipers which are the only calipers Joe will use due to their dependability, accuracy and smooth precision movement. Joe has a Starrett atop each lathe. If you look closely, you'll see a rod of rolled and molded black G10. We're the only ones who have rolled and molded black G10.

Note: This is not a beginners lathe. We DO NOT recommend this lathe if you are starting out. Use of this lathe, to a beginner, will present difficulties not encountered on other lathes.

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